Bex is attuned with animals and is as passionate about fighting for their rights – as she is committed to healing them.

An animals life must provide for its basic psychological requirements, but Bex wants more than this, she strives for enrichment and helps bring balance, mentally, physically and spiritually…

Since she can remember, Bex has been in awe of animals and the fascination has continued to grow ever since. From spending time with the family pets, to seeing wildlife in the countryside, Bex relished the calmness animals brought to her and realised she felt a connection with them. This was the start of many beautiful friendships and a journey of discovery.

Twiggy - Photography By Iain Turrell

Twiggy – Photography By Iain Turrell

Her innate, deeply rooted respect for animals led Bex to question the integrity of intensive farming and mass production. So much so she became vegetarian at the age of 12 and later dedicated her educational career to her one true calling.

Age 14, Bex had to choose a placement for her school’s work experience programme and it just had to involve animals. She had started to become aware of jobs within the animal sector, other than being a vet, but decided she should get first hand experience of the first profession she ever imagined herself in. It was everything she hoped it would be! Her passion was further ignited and even better, she was highly praised and appreciated just for doing what came naturally.

Awarded a triple distinction for her National Diploma in Animal Management, Bex had a solid foundation and a wealth of work placements under her belt. One of which led to Bex falling totally in love with the understated and under appreciated giraffe! This love has continued and resulted in an accumulation of everything giraffe! She also kept bringing animals into her home, from hamsters to bearded dragons, there was always more room at the inn and her father gave up trying to stop the menagerie from growing!

Photography By Iain Turrell Always keen to learn more, She embarked on a degree and is now a graduate in Animal Management (BSc Hons). In the final year, a dissertation was required for the honours to be awarded. This called for extensive independent research and gave Bex the freedom to have more control over her learning.

The timing was perfect because she had been bitten by the holistic bug! Not to detract from the practices she was now confident in, Bex threw herself into a world of natural remedies , looking at how nature can complement convention, by researching essential oil therapy and specifically the effect that lavender has on canine behaviour.

Bex’s early career was focused on the animal husbandry and veterinary medicine part of her knowledge. after university, she continued working in Pet Retail, got promoted and was constantly asked by regular customers when she would be setting up on her own. Knowing all the dogs names who frequented the shop, her rapport with people was brilliant. She was honoured that so many people wanted her to work with their animals. When offered a job as a Veterinary Claims Assessor, Bex took it and although she learnt some valuable skills, she soon missed the daily interaction with animals and decided it would just be a stop gap whilst looking for a more suitable role.

This stop gap turned into a rut, lasting more than 6 years! For many reasons, including personal tragedy, Bex was unable to move on from the job and became increasingly frustrated and dreamt of getting back onto the path she had deviated from. To get herself out of the rut, Bex took the brave decision to accept a job not related to animals in order to earn enough to pay for further studies. She wanted to work with companion animals again and be her own boss, but this meant sacrifices and risk taking.

Bex Birthday 20

Photography by Charlotte Farhan

So, this is what lead to the point Bex is at now! She is working full time in a job that is not personally satisfying, but striving to remember that it will all be worth it in the long run because it finances her studies and brings in enough to pay the bills too! She is studying pet psychology and Holistic animal healing with the ultimate goal of successfully running her own business as a fully qualified practitioner.

This is a role that will benefit both Bex, the animals she meets along the way and their human companions! It will enable her to help individuals by achieving her ultimate aspiration – the enhancement of the human / animal relationship! Bex wants to do this because not only will it bring balance to an animals life, but she feels it will enable her to show her appreciation and gratitude for what animals have done for her. In the darkest moments of her life, animals have been a constant support, comfort and sometimes her sanity! Helping and giving back to the animal community will give Bex an enormous amount of pride.

Whilst working and studying, Bex also holds a voluntary position at Art Saves Lives International (ASLI), a not for profit organisation that utilizes art as a medium to engage, educate and express. With her caring nature, Bex loves people as well as animals. A firm believer in the benefits animals bring to human health, she is passionate about the contribution they make within therapeutic practices and plans to explore this through ASLI.

Bex’s biggest cheerleaders are a 6 year old ginger tom called Toulouse and a 4 year old Bengal called Twiglet. Highly valued and treasured members of her family, these striking and complex characters would compel you to let Bex loose on the animals in your life!


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